The Official Cannabis Festival Show Guide is the source of information for Cannabis Festival exhibits, legal and educational panels and is used by nearly all attendees. Estimated circulation is 145,000.

Official Show Guide Premium PositionsRates
Front Cover Advertising$21,500
Belly Band (production costs extra)$18,500
Inside Front Cover Opening Spread (includes Cover 2)$17,500
Inside Front Cover (Cover 2)$12,000
Inside Back Cover (Cover 3)$9,750
Back Cover (Cover 4)$13,500
Full-Page, Premium (first section before first Tab Divider) or Fixed Position$6,600
Two-Page Center Spread (fixed position)$12,000
Two-Page Spread, Including a Tab$11,000
Bind-In Coupon (includes production)$14,500
Blow-In Coupon (includes production)$12,500
Divider TabsRates
Tab 1, Sides 1 & 2 – Centrals & Events$6,500 each
Tab 2, Sides 1 & 2 – Education Sessions$6,500 each
Tab 3, Sides 1 & 2 – Floor Plans$6,500 each
Tab 4, Sides 1 & 2 – Exhibitors & Products$6,500 each
Official Show Guide Standard PositionsRates
Two-Page Spread$10,000
Half-Page Vertical or Horizontal$4,250
Product Category Logo (2” H X 3” W)$1,900
The Cannabis Festival Fold-Out Map will provide attendees with a useful, easy-to-read detailed map of the event.

The Cannabis Festival Fold-Out Map will provide attendees with a useful, easy-to-read map of the Cannabis Festival exhibit halls, major events and attractions, cannabis legal and academic panels, multi themed cannabis villages, exhibitor listings, and more.

Promotional Investment:  $40,000 (exclusive) 

Cannabis Festival PRE-SHOW PLANNER

New to 2023 is the Pre-Show Planner advertising. This is the go-to planning tool for Cannabis Festival attendees. Advertise your company in this one-of-a-kind publication with an estimated 100,000 readers.

Promotional Investment: $6,000 per full-page ad

Credential Mailer & Exhibitor Coupons

Exhibitor coupons are effectively used to promote product launches, booth giveaways and drive traffic to your booth. Space is limited to eight coupons.

Package includes one promotional coupon placed in the Cannabis Festival Credential Mailer Exhibitor Coupon booklet.

Promotional Investment: $5,000 per Exhibitor Coupon

Cannabis Festival Passport

The Passport is included in the Pre-Registration Credential Packet and is distributed at the Show with an estimated print run of 135,000. The Passport includes:

  • Show Schedule
  • Multiple entry forms for prizes given away at the Show
  • Food & Beverage Coupon(s)
Passport Advertising PositionAd Rates
Back Cover (Cover 4)$5,000
Inside Front Cover (Cover 2)$4,250
Inside Back Cover (Cover 3)$3,750
Cannabis Festival Attendee Lanyards

The Cannabis Festival lanyard sponsorship is certain to call attention to your company and draws additional attention and buyers to your booth and brands. Approximately 165,000 lanyards are distributed to Exhibitors and VIP attendees. Proudly display your company on these lanyards, your custom-branded lanyard will help you stand out!

Promotional Investment: $80,000

Cannabis Festival Attendee Badges Sponsorship

Place your company’s message directly on both sides of the Cannabis Festival attendee badges. Sponsor’s area is 1” x 4” on the front of the badge (4C) and 3” x 4” on the back (B&W only). At least 165,000 will be printed.

Promotional Investment: $80,000

Cannabis Festivals Official Show Bags

The Show Bags are placed in prominent locations at all entrances and are picked up—and then reused—by thousands of buyers, resulting in tons of exposure during the Show. The sponsor supplies the bags and must be co-branded with Cannabis Festival logo or imagery.

Promotional Investment: $120,000

Show-Site Banners & Signs Sponsorship

Show-site advertising is a proven way to increase traffic at your company’s booth. Banners for all budgets, large or small exist. All prices include the banner receipt, handling, installation, and removal fees.

Aisle Signs Sponsorship The Aisle Sponsorship places your message over the top of all exhibit aisles
in the Show. Signs will be attached to the bottom of the aisle signs. Promotional Investment: $37,500 (exclusive)
Door Clings Sponsorship Place your brand right in front of attendees as they enter the premises. Door Clings will be placed at eye level and are sure to get you noticed. Promotional Investment: $2,500 each

Advance pricing rates are available until December 16, 2023. Some items may be available after December 16 but could cost more due to higher production charges.

Wall Graphics Sponsorship

The Cannabis Festival is offering banners that can be applied directly onto walls surfaces. These banners are produced with hi-resolution images and will be sure to get noticed as they can be placed on some of the most visible locations throughout the event.

Promotional Investment:800 sq ft wall banner is $30,000
400 sq ft wall banner is $15,000
Wall banners graphics are: $37.50/sq ft (minimum of 200 sq ft based on measurements of area wanted)

Exhibit Hall Entrance Floor Graphics Sponsorship

Cannabis Festival is offering a bundle of floor graphics outside the main entrance and exits (52″ x 52″ pattern). Be the last message attendees see before entering the exhibit halls!  

Each floor graphic image size is 52″ x 52″.

Promotional Investment (price includes production of floor graphics)
Floor Graphics – Main Concourse$1,600 each
Floor Graphics – Exhibit Hall$1,600 each

Cannabis Festival Rotating Smart Kiosks Advertising

These new four-sided, rotating, lighted cubes will draw attention. Placed at eye-level and backlit, you’ll definitely get noticed with these signs.
Promotional Investment: (two side minimum)
Rotating Smart Kiosk – 2 Sides$12,000
Rotating Smart Kiosk – 4 Sides$23,000

Meterboards Sponsorship

Reach your audience everywhere! Double-sided meterboards are flexible signage opportunities that allow you to place your message directly in front of your audience. Located in the high-traffic concourse areas, these will get you noticed.

Promotional Investment:$4,000 for South Concourse Signs
Registration Sponsorship

As the Cannabis Festival Registration Sponsor your message is in front of ALL registrants and attendees. You’ll reach the pre-registrants via a prominent banner on the online registration site and an advertisement placed directly on the envelope of their confirmation package/credentials. You will reach the onsite registrants who register at the show by having your branding at the registration area(s) onsite.

Promotional Investment:  $60,000+ (various options available, final price may vary)

Cannabis Treasure Trail Sponsorship

Cannabis Festival attendees receive the Treasure Trail promotional card and are encouraged to enter to win daily prizes. Attendees visit the Cannabis Festival Treasure Trail participants, have discussions with each company, receive a stamp on their card and then drop off their fully stamped cards at a designated location.

Promotional Investment:$12,500 Treasure Trail Sponsor (limit one)
$7,250 Participant (limit nine)

Shuttle Bus Advertising

A great way to get your company’s message out is to advertise on the shuttle buses. All prices include production and installation.

Shuttle Bus Sign SizeOne Shuttle Bus Sign
(1 bus)
Five Shuttle Bus Signs
(5 buses)
2’ High X 16’ Wide$5,000$23,250
2’ High X 24’ Wide$5,500$26,250
2’ High X 35’ Wide$6,000$28,500
Window Vision (window decals)$8,000/side of the bus$37,000
Queen (6’ High X 19’ Wide)$15,000$70,000
King (10.5’ High X 19’ Wide)$17,000$80,000
Full Bus Wrap$32,000$148,000

Shuttle Bus Headrest Advertising

Cannabis Festival shuttle buses offer two color headrest marketing opportunities. The headrest image consists of an 8” X 8” area. There are approximately 50 headrests available on each bus. The price includes production and installation.

Artwork due: December 16th, 2023

Promotional Investment:$5,000 per bus
$22,500 for five buses
Exhibitor Hospitality Rooms Sponsorship

These rooms provide a quiet space to meet with clients, conduct focus groups, relax off of the show floor, showcase new products, etc. Rooms are rented for all Show days and fees include the initial room set up and an identification sign (if desired). Companies must have at least 200 square feet of exhibit space to rent a hospitality room.

Promotional Investment: Prices vary by room size and location, call for more information.

Opening Ceremonies Exclusive & Co-Sponsorships

Make sure your brand is top of mind when the shows open as we kick off Cannabis Festival with opening ceremonies. This is a fantastic opportunity to let everyone know about your presence at the show.

Opening Ceremonies Sponsorship Opportunities
Opening Ceremonies Exclusive Sponsorship$40,000
Opening Ceremonies Co-Sponsorship$25,000

Cannabis Festival House Party Sponsorship

The Cannabis Festival House Party will take place on January 31st, 2023. This event is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

House Party tickets can be purchased by any Cannabis Festival attendee—making it a popular event. We anticipate more than 10,000 will attend. The House Party will feature great food, a hosted bar, and top entertainment to set the mood and ensure everyone has a memorable evening.

Sponsorship Includes:

  • Logo on tickets to House Party
  • Listing of sponsorship in House Party marketing
  • Entry tickets to House Party
  • Private VIP area
  • Brief speaking opportunity or call out from the stage
  • Full-page ad in the Official Show Guide
  • Branding opportunities including incredible flat screens, signage, and more
  • Online logo listing
  • House Party attendee list
Sponsorship Opportunities 
Exclusive Naming Rights Sponsorship$70,000
Co-Sponsorship Opportunity$40,000 
Cannabis Festival Awards Show
The Cannabis Festival Awards Show honors the country’s Top Cannabis Companies, Individuals and Contributors. The balloting process for the Awards Show is conducted online. It starts with the “Pre-Nomination Voting Ballot,” where anyone from the Cannabis industry can log on to our web site and vote for those individuals and companies who they feel deserve to be nominated and or awarded. Our staff reviews the results, winners are announced, and the awards are presented on the second night of the Cannabis Festival.
  • Your logo on the awards show meter-boards.
  • A push notification on the mobile app one day before the show.

Promotional Investment: $35,000 (Limited number available)

Cannabis Festival Educational Forums Sponsorship

Highlights of this year’s cannabis education program include:

  • Pre-show Master Workshops – Master Workshops immerse you in critical industry topics to provide best practice strategies and solutions. These three-hour intensives offer advanced-level content the day before the official start of the show.
  • Building Knowledge Sessions – These 60-minute sessions in 9 tracks are the foundation of education at IBS. Find the best industry education covering today’s most relevant topics.
  • Game Changers – These daily keynotes feature thought leaders who transform the way we think about and address critical housing industry issues.
  • Spotlight Sessions – Our most highly anticipated programs of the year, Spotlight Sessions feature high-profile speakers and explore the most in-demand topics and latest industry trends.
  • NEW Super Sessions – Sometimes, more is better. When it comes to Super Sessions, this is absolutely the case. We’ve transformed three of our most popular IBS sessions into super-charged educational experiences.
  • NEW Learning Labs – Learning Labs are fast-paced sessions using unique presentation formats, interactive technology, audience participation and more.

Sponsorship Includes:

  • Logo on entrance unit signage for education session rooms
  • Opportunity to provide notepads and pens in education rooms
  • Opportunity to place promotional literature on education materials tables
  • Opportunity to provide input and potentially supply daily game changer speakers (additional fees may apply)
  • In-room, pre-session sponsor recognition
  • Opportunity to provide an incentive to those who fill out evaluation forms (could be a booth traffic driver and can be made into a contest to reward those who fill out the evaluations)
  • Ability to send one pre-show email and one post-show email to all IBS full registrants to promote your sponsorship (HTML formatted email, must use NAHB’s email system)

Sponsored Education Session

  • Presentation of one official 60-minute Building Knowledge IBS education session; must be non-commercial
  • Format can be single speaker or panel and sponsor may choose to use speakers from your company or provide a professional speaker
  • Title, content, and speakers must be approved by and session should follow the same guidelines as all other Educational sessions

Branding and Advertising

  • Recognition in the App, Official Show Guide, education listings
  • Full-page ad in the Official Show Guide, circulation 145,000
  • Eight (8) second ad on the digital network

Marketing Investment: $60,000 exclusive sponsorship opportunity

Press Sponsorships


Sponsor the Cannabis Festival food functions and reach an unprecedented audience of influential trade and consumer media. Prices do not include food and beverage service, taxes, or gratuity. Promotional Investment: $4,000 per Breakfast (3 days only) $4,000 per Lunch (3 days only) $2,000 per Afternoon Mixer (2 days only) $20,000 for the Press Complex Exclusive Sponsorship
Culinary Cannabis Seminars

Join Chief Big Leaf and his team of world renowned chefs as they create culinary cannabis masterpieces. Pre register for an in-depth, hands on culinary cannabis cooking class detailing basic and advanced culinary cannabis techniques. Learn different methods of culinary infusion and how to perfect your cannabis cooking skills and dosages. Sample and enjoy numerous culinary cannabis infused meals, snacks and edible creations while learning from the best in the business.

Cannabis Education and Business Summit

Learn from innovators in the Cannabis Industry. The Cannabis Festival EXPO brings together a diverse group of cannabis experts and industry leaders to educate attendees about the amazing health and economic benefits of cannabis.

Cannabis legal panels

Cannabis growers and cultivation forum

Cannabis cabaret – erotic dance village

Cannabis meditation, yoga and fitness

Hashish and extract production

Psychedelic Mushroom Cultivation

Infused coffees, teas, candies and edibles

Cannabis topicals, wellness spa, massages, and body treatments

Free stoner munchies, self-serve ice cream exhibit

Vape city, glass blowing tech, paraphernalia, cannabis merchandise


New Cannabis Products Zone

“ZONE” LEVEL SPONSOR (Limited Availability)
Includes integration of up to two (2) of your sponsor-supplied products in ZONE interactive stage demonstrations and floor-based vignettes. Thirty (30) minute sponsor presentation on the Presentation Stage Provide product experts during interactive demonstrations to provide answers about product usage and specifications Sponsor featured on signage in the ZONE Sponsors’ name, booth #, and products featured in handout provided to ZONE attendees Sponsors’ logo and booth # on Demo Stage signage during interactive demonstrations using their product and in Official Show Guide Zone Page Full page Sponsor ad included in the Official Show Guide Company listing and/or logo on the ZONE Sponsors page List of ZONE scanned attendees with names, companies, and addresses for direct mail One (1) dedicated post-show email to the ZONE Scanned attendee list 
Investment: $35,000 for two products, $3,000/each additional product
Investment: $8,500 for one product 

*Limited number available*

Become part of the most sought-after location on the exhibit floor…located at the very front of the Central Exhibit Hall! The New Product Zone features nothing but the latest new products for the cannabis industry that every attendee comes to discover. As the New Product Zone sponsor, you get maximum exposure at one of the busiest Cannabis Festival exhibits.

  • Company name and logo on Zone booth signage
  • Premium space at the front of the Zone to showcase a new product
  • Promotion of the Zone in the Official Show Guide
  • Online promotion of your participation to hundreds of media outlets throughout the world
Promotional Investment:
New Product Zone Sponsorship$20,000
New Product Zone Co-Sponsorship$12,500

Digital Advertising

Advertising on the Cannabis Festival digital network gets your promotional video trailer and or corporate images on the two massive screens above the main stages, including the new 10,000-square-foot central stage digital screen. Advertisers’ spots will be put onto a loop and played continually during the event, yielding maximum exposure.

  • Advertising is sold in eight (8) second spots.
  • 2 massive video walls will feature Cannabis Festival advertising.
  • The center stage features a 10,000-square-foot digital screen developed by Samsung, the largest digital experience in the U.S.A.
  • Ads will run all days and nights of the Show, resulting in thousands of impressions during the week of the event!

Promotional Investment: $7,000 per eight-second spot

Cannabis Festival Mobile App Sponsorship

The Cannabis Festival Mobile App will be used used by nearly 200,000 attendees leading to tons of additional exposure for mobile app advertisers.

Mobile App Advertising Options
Mobile App Sponsorship $22,500
Mobile App Co-Sponsorship $12,500
Mobile App Rotating Banner Ad $4,000
Mobile App Push Message $3,500

Cannabis Fest Email Promotions

Cannabis Festival Email is sent to all attendees four times before the Show. Approximately 800,000 emails sent (total from all four deployments). The delivery rate averaged 99%, the open rate averaged 45%, and the click rate averaged of 7%.

Promotional Investment: 
Fixed first position$5,500
Fixed second position$5,250
Fixed third position$5,000
Fixed fourth position$4,750
Standard rotating position$4,500
Rotating position, emails #2, #3, and #4$4,000
Rotating position, emails #3 and #4$3,500
Rotating position, email #4$3,000

An email will be sent each day about the Show and the daily highlights. You’ll be able to place your advertisement prominently in the middle of the daily email. You should expect to reach more than 200,000 each day, with an expected average open rate of more than 35%.

Promotional Investment: $4,500 

*Only one per day, exclusive advertisement*

Website Sponsorship

A majority of our users access the website via their mobile phones online advertising has been cut to a minimum so our users can find what they need on the site easily.

Your company name will be built into the website search box and you will have an advertisement that shows up on all of the search results pages leading to tens of thousands of ad impressions.

Promotional Investment: $10,000

New Product Zone Video Package

Capture the moment when your new product is seen by the industry! Let professional video team capture your product’s launch at the Show. You’ll receive a video that you can use for your own promotions or website and you can use it to promote your New Product after the Show.

Package includes:

  • Up to sixty (60) seconds of content filmed at the Show
  • Video placed post-show on and and promoted to all attendees
  • Video sent to you for unrestricted usage on your website and other promotions

Promotional Investment:  $5,000

Exhibitor Marketing Video Sponsorship

Just need an Exhibitor Marketing Video and nothing else? No problem! You can simply purchase the Exhibitor Marketing Video a-la-carte.

Cannabis Festival Exhibitor Rate:$5,000
Cannabis Festival Sponsor Price:$4,500 (10% discount)

Cannabis Festival and Weed Network TV broadcasts exciting content throughout the Show. As a Network sponsor, your brand will be seen by thousands of attendees during and after the show!

Weed Network TV Sponsorship$25,000

Just need a network video pot and nothing else? No problem! You can simply purchase the tv Spot a-la-carte.

15-second video supplied by the advertiser.

Weed Network TV Spots$4,000 each
Interested In A Sponsorship Opportunity? Contact Us!

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