Cannabis Festival Event Rules


Cannabis Festival Rules and Regulations

No Narcotics or Illicit Drugs. Cannabis Music Festival supports lawful cannabis use only. Sales of any illegal substances are unlawful and prohibited. Sales of any unauthorized cannabis products or cannabis laced foods (like brownies) are unlawful and prohibited.

Public consumption of cannabis is permitted in designated areas only as allowed by state law. Public cannabis consumption in most states is still illegal and a punishable offense. Medical Marijuana Cardholders are no exception. Additionally, only qualifying patients are allowed to consume cannabis in most states. Any unauthorized patient or non-patient caught consuming cannabis in some jurisdictions will be subject to fines and or possible arrest.

Beer, Wine and Alcoholic beverages will be made available and sold where permitted as per state laws and regulations. Alcoholic beverages of any kind brought into the venues from the outside will not permitted.

Public intoxication, drunkenness or belligerent behavior of any kind will not be permitted. Anyone visibly intoxicated will be escorted out of the park. 

No Weapons of any kind. Guns or fixed blade knives are strongly prohibited.

No Nudity. Public displays of nudity and or overt sexual behavior is not permitted.

No Unauthorized Vending Inside the Park. This means do not come to Cannabis Music Festival with merchandise to sell to other attendees. If caught, you’ll be escorted out of the park. 

No Pets (Dogs, Cats, Birds, etc.). Cannabis Music Festival does not allow pets. Service animals will be permitted under laws allowing service animals - Americans With Disabilities Act. Service animals that are disruptive, that engage others in unsolicited contact, or that exhibit threatening behaviors may be excluded. Owners or someone accompanying the service animal are responsible to bag and remove solid waste. The person accompanying the service animal is responsible to keep the animal on leash or under other appropriate restraint at all times.

No unauthorized broadcast equipment. However, cameras and cell phones are welcome and will be permitted at the event.  

Age Restrictions. Cannabis Music Festival is for all ages. However, anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Underage use of cannabis is illegal and is not supported by Cannabis Music Festival.